'BEAMSHIP': Twin Beam bespoke compositions

Twin Beam’s composition offshoot offers bespoke soundtracks for moving image and video games

Both Ath and Oscar have had years of experience in this area.
Ath has mainly worked in video game music (VGM) as half of the popular J-Fusion band ‘Project Dolphin’. As part of this project, Ath performed at Capcom’s 25th Anniversary of Street Fighter 2 @ Insomnia and composed a Street Fighter Medley that soundtracked the Evo 2011 Top 8 introduction video. Ath’s work in ambient/ soundscape music has seen him recording and performing music for meditation.
Oscar has mainly worked with film, composing and recording an award winning soundtrack to director John Black’s short film, ‘Apathy Shakes’ and having a track he coproduced used by Universal for a popular romantic comedy, ‘Lezioni di Cioccolato 2’.

This page features edit showreels of music showcasing Twin Beam’s in-house composition, performance and production, with a strong VGM leaning.

VGM Style Music

Some snippets from exciting tracks composed and recorded with a video game music feel.
1.Racing game
2. Select-your-team
3. Scrolling shmup
4. Menu screens
5. Level complete!

Ambient Style Music

An edit of a few tracks with an ambient influence. These are composed for film, video games, installations, meditation, reading or just something to listen to while looking at the night sky. For more of this style of music, check out Twin Beam's ambient project, BEAMSHIP.