Twin Beam is a collaborative project between brothers Oscar and Athol Cassidy and John Pope, working as a composition/ performance/ production team.

Twin Beam’s style is a blend of funk, electronica, rock and ambient as can be heard on their releases and remixes for other artists. An interest in video game music and film soundtracks is quite evident in their sound.


The members of Twin Beam have worked in various bands and as session musicians in the UK funk, rock and jazz scenes. This includes having played with bands such as Smoove and Turrell, Project Dolphin, Thomas McRocklin (who taught Ath), Nick Pride & The Pimptones and Archipelago. Between them, they have taken part in many radio appearances including BBC radio 2, 4 and 6. Over years of experience, they have worked with record labels such as Acid Jazz, Record Kicks and Jalapeno Records. They have toured internationally and played countless festivals such as Glastonbury and Big Chill and have had music featured on films for Cattleya/ Universal Pictures (with The Pimptones) and video game expos such as Evo 2011 and Capcom's 25th Anniversary Street Fighter Tournament (with Project Dolphin).


Two EPs were released in limited numbers to very positive reviews and, once John Pope got on board, they began gigging and working on new recordings. 2018 sees a split 10” release put out by Mono Studios in Newcastle and featuring some of the most exciting new music coming out of the region. Also, this year sees the band releasing their 3rd EP. These recordings feature the familiar Twin Beam sound being built more upon instrumental band performances alongside the sequencers and synths of previous releases. For the first time, this EP also features vocal performances by some incredible pop and soul vocalists.