Smoove and Turrell: It's You (Twin Beam remix)

Even though Covid 19 has impacted music in a really negative way, it's been encouraging that pretty much all musicians have been working hard to get it to continue.

Amongst all the maelstrom, we're working on a new release…


Want To performance vid

Earlier this year, we recorded a live performance video of 'Want To' [aided by camera and video-synth projection work by absolute diamond Jeremy Bradfield ('Brad Field') and edited to perfection by our own John Pope] to support the track's inclusion…

'Timelines' EP coming 29th April!

On 29th April, we release new EP, 'Timelines'.  This is a four track release and our first featuring 3rd twin and absolute bass oracle, John Pope.

Furthermore, it features performance contributions from Ross Kerr, Aimee Lambert, Alex Saxon and…


More phone cam jams!

Uploaded another little clip to youtube.
Taken on a mobile, so quality isn't exactly amazing. Still, you can make out Ath and Pope trading obscene shreds over a punchy electro beat and really who could ask for more?


Live footage!

Our first gig with third twin, JOHN POPE took place in the ace venue Bar Loco in Newcastle.
Here is some footage (taken on a phone so video/ audio is a little shaky) of the ending of 'P6', a track…



A few gigs coming up for Twin Beam's new live set up (featuring John Pope: King of Bass) and also a Beamship ambient installation. 
We've been rehearsing in John's 'Jam Palace' room and recording some sessions we're going to upload…

Two guys and a wall

Talented photographer and artist Georgia Claire made us stay still in front of a brick wall while she took photographs of us. Our new years resolution of using good promotional pics is underway. 

Old Remixes: Todd Rundgren!

Time to share another remix we did, again under a different name. As ‘Arlo Delta’, we remixed an absolute hero of ours, Todd Rundgren back in 2013. We loved putting our squishy electrofunk spin on his track, ‘Collide A Scope’…


Old Remixes: Smoove and Turrell

So before Twin Beam, we did music and remixes under various names (e.g.: City In The Distance, Megasects, Arlo Delta). 

Thought we may as well repost a few of them here before they get lost in the internet wilderness…

Welcome to the new site!

So we chucked this site together as a way of keeping all our stuff in one big linkable pile. Since we released our last EP ('We Can Win') we've been working with amazing UK bassist John Pope in the…