Welcome to the website for electro-funk-ambient project 'Twin Beam'.
Here you can find recent info and news along with links to stream and buy music. Twin Beam is also available for commissions sound tracking video games, film and audio visual projects. Please feel free to use the contact links for enquiries.

More phone cam jams! 

Uploaded another little clip to youtube.
Taken on a mobile, so quality isn't exactly amazing. Still, you can make out Ath and Pope trading obscene shreds over a punchy electro beat and really who could ask for more?

Live footage! 

Our first gig with third twin, JOHN POPE took place in the ace venue Bar Loco in Newcastle.
Here is some footage (taken on a phone so video/ audio is a little shaky) of the ending of 'P6', a track from the forthcoming EP.
Check it out!


A few gigs coming up for Twin Beam's new live set up (featuring John Pope: King of Bass) and also a Beamship ambient installation. 
We've been rehearsing in John's 'Jam Palace' room and recording some sessions we're going to upload to youtube.
Here's a clip of 'Jetski':

Two guys and a wall 

Talented photographer and artist Georgia Claire made us stay still in front of a brick wall while she took photographs of us. Our new years resolution of using good promotional pics is underway. 

Old Remixes: Smoove and Turrell  

So before Twin Beam, we did music and remixes under various names (e.g.: City In The Distance, Megasects, Arlo Delta). 

Thought we may as well repost a few of them here before they get lost in the internet wilderness forever. We may even put a playlist up on the music page at some point. 

So I believe this remix of 'Smoove and Turrell' comes from about half a decade ago! As I recall it was done as 'City In The Distance' who included additional member: the awesome producer/ musician/ composer Brendan Ratliff. Look him up as Echolevel or Syphus.  

Have a listen!

Smoove and Turrell - In Deep (City In The Distance [now: Twin Beam] Remix)

Welcome to the new site! 

So we chucked this site together as a way of keeping all our stuff in one big linkable pile. Since we released our last EP ('We Can Win') we've been working with amazing UK bassist John Pope in the studio. The three of us have been reworking original patches, samples and performances into a live performance AND we've been working on new material potentially forming two new EPs in 2016. Keep checking back for more info!